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Community Employment Services

Abilities in Action has been providing CARF Accredited community employment services since 2012. 

Job Developement

This program is designed to provide employment & rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities. Job Developers to work with individuals to maximize independence to enable learning and understanding of the job search process. The goal is to obtain employment in a field of work that will be of interest and that the individual can successfully maintain based upon disability or other barrier to employment.  Abilities in Action will work with you on a individual basis and assist in all aspects of job seeking based on individualized needs. 

Job Retention/ Coaching

Abilities in Action will provide individualized assistance with maintaining employment. Your job developer will follow along with services after you have been hiring to ensure success. 

Job Readiness Training

One of the most important steps to success is being prepared to take the first step! Our staff will work with you to develop a resume, sharpen interview skills and help plan for any barrier to employment.  During this time we  can also assist with clothing or other supplies for success based on need. 

Community Based Assessment

A Community Based Assessment or a CBA takes place at a local business and provides an exciting opportunity to explore areas of interest and gain new employment skills through vocational training. The CBA identifies

an individuals strengths, skills and potential barriers to employment. 

Work adjustment Training/Career Exploration

The purpose of Work Adjustment Training is to continue the process of vocational rehabilitation begun during Evaluation by addressing the needs, abilities, strengths and any barriers to employment in preparation for integrated community employment. Our career exploration program enables job seeker to gain insight into potential careers. You will learn what skills are necessary for a particular career and what those who are in the profession do as part of their job.

Tools for success

Job seekers may need supports such as gas cards, employment related equipment, uniforms, etc.  Abilities in Action will assist in obtaining this tools for success. 

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