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Recovery To Work 

Recovery to Work is a program that Abilities in Action began working alongside in 2016. Abilities in Action has had the opportunity to work alongside the county mental health boards, mental health professionals, and others that support individuals with mental health and substance use. Abilities in Action takes a specific approach to supporting individuals with these specific needs. Our job developers have extensive experience in working in employment related services and supporting those with mental health and substance use. While the program is still structured as typical job development with three major benchmarks; job readiness, job development, and job retention, it is specialized in its approach. Each individual client receives a job developer that will work through the program with them from beginning to end to build trust and comfort within the process. The individuals will receive specific training in discussing gaps in employment due to incarceration or mental health concerns, previous criminal charges and involvement, and tools to deal with the stress of the job search. Abilities in Action understands the importance of the entire team when supporting those with mental health or substance use and is an active part of the entire team. Abilities in Action has proudly worked with individuals in Crawford, Marion, and Wyandot Counties in this capacity. 

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