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Transition Youth Services 

Summer Youth Work Experience-SOAR

SOAR or Summer Opportunities Achieving Results is an experience in which Students ages 14-21 currently enrolled in school to have the opportunity to work a typical summer job. SOAR students are paid 20 hours per week for 5 weeks. The work experiences take place at various community work sites and students will have the apply  to choose the site that meets their skills and interests.  Work sites include but are not limited to stocking, cleaning, retail, landscaping, clerical, housekeeping and much more!


Pre-Employment Transition Services are a unique way to gain an understanding of vital skills during the work year, to prepare for a successful summer job or a permanent job after high school. The five services included in Pre-Ets include Instruction in Self Advocacy, Workplace Readiness Training, Work Based Learning, Job Exploration Counseling, and Counseling on Post- Secondary Education. Abilities in Action's team has developed a curriculum to meet the needs of students with disabilities. These services can be provided during the school day and are coordinated with the educational team. Or they can be provided after school hours coordinated with the family and support system. 

Non- Permanent Job Development 

This program is designed to help students find a meaningful summer job as well a provide coaching and supports for success!

The Process

Abilities in Action provides supports for students based on the individualized plan created by the student's family and OOD counselor 

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